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Hammerdad makes an awesome suggestion on how to gather proof of denial of access. You also need to be more assertive with your lawyer.

Sending letters back and forth does nothing more than cost you money.

ONE letter...ONE...with a response required by date within 48 hours. If that fails, then direct him to get a motion before the court for contempt due to denial of access. and ask for make up time. Also ask for costs due to having to go to court from her unreasonableness. (You won't get what you don't ask for, and while you MAY not get it the first time, if it continues to happen, then eventually you will draw a judge who will get annoyed and essentially bitch slap your ex)

Think of letters like $100 bills...for every one you allow your lawyer to send, you are basically handing him one. Unless you are firm and clear in your expectations, your lawyer will gladly string things along for you. You = $$$, the longer he draws it out, the more $$$ he makes.

Also, the longer you wait, the longer you are allowing your ex to set "status quo". You don't ASK your ex to be a parent, you INFORM her that you are exercising YOUR COURT ORDERED time with the kids.