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Unfortunately you are right the police's hands are tied. He has definitely been pressuring the kids because he told me so flat out! I went to pick them up tonight and my son was upset because he couldn't go with me - he said no with my ex standing over him saying " now last week was your mother's week" etc etc and threatening to make a scene in the schoolyard. Very embarrassing for the kids. I told him I would not discuss it in public and walked away. He kept saying, "I've discussed this with the kids and I know what they want."
Where I am angry is that this is a man who wants nothing to do with looking after the kids or spending a plug nickel on them and did not go to their their school, doctor's dentists etc. for ten years, and now that he thinks he is winning lotto 649 in support he is suddenly interested (though still not enough to do the dirty work. Buying shoes, clothes etc. is all going to be on my time and dime.)
I am documenting thoroughly and when we are in court will be well covered. It is great to have support from you folks and my friends who have been through the same crap and came out on the other side. There is light at the end of the tunnel. If my kids are happy I can grin and bear it until justice is served.