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Originally Posted by epinecone View Post
IF you go to the police for help, as a man, without a court order containing a Police Enforcment Clause, I would be very impressed if they did anything to help you...

You need to go to court and get an order... and at the same time based on your experience, I would get the court to add the police enforcment clause..

If she takes the kids for days she is not supposed to have them.. You can either get help from the courts or from the police..(Assuming the PEO)

Dont expect any help from CAS, in my experience they seem to be geared towards the "Children" meaning mommy and the kids and not just the kids.
I would agree in your statement about going to police.

I know I can have my S/A or any part of it changed to an order upon request.
Could I ask a judge to convert our access arrangements to an order AND add the PEO clause to it based on 2 occurrences?

I should note that our S/A stated that I am to get an additional 'day' as of this year and as such I will have the children 7 nights out of 14. I understand number of nights spent with each parent is how they typically calculate percentage parenting time? She has stated that 'she will discuss it with her lawyer' when I mentioned that clause came into effect this year.
I somewhat expect that she may not comply with the S/A on that front either and if so, I will need to have that clause sent to the judge for an order at which time I'd like to add the PEO.