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Default Spouse denying access... what to do?

Starting on my X's first week of vacation in July she kept the children without my consent on my weekend when she should have returned them Friday (she returned them Sunday evening until Monday AM.

I had planned a 2 week vacation including 2 of her weekends (this would equal out her winter vacation where she did the same and took 2 of my weekends to travel). This had been discussed but not specifically agreed to and shortly before my 2 week vacation was to begin she flat our refused to allow me the second weekend and forced me by threatening an emergency court order, to return the children (we did agree to 'split' the final weekend though).

Today(Friday) I learn that she intends to keep them this weekend (my weekend) as punishment for 'messing up her vacation with the split weekend' compromise.

As far as I am concerned she is denying access and from what I understand this is serious yet I am discovering that it seems there's little I can do to enforce our agreement and my weekends!

Tried the court house but an emergency order seems to require some sort of imminent danger to the children to be considered 'emergency' and missing a weekend does not seem to me that it would fit that bill.

Phoned CAS, they tell me they have nothing to do with this kind of thing.

I'd like to know what I need to do, what process I need to initiate with the court to make it easier to enforce my rights.

Also, what do I do to enforce a court order should I be granted one?

I will be self representing as I can't afford to blow $ on a lawyer, this should not be a difficult process to enforce an already binding agreement?