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What is your normal arrangement for pick-ups and drop-offs? He should abide by this. Meaning, if you pick up the kids from his house after his parenting time at a specific time, the children should be at his house at that time.

However, he has suggested that he would allow his sister to transport the children to your house. You have no say in who HE allows to transport the children. If he chooses to allow a responsible adults to return the children as he is unable, then that is his choice to make.

The only issue with his sister returning the children is your belief that they will be returned late at night (whether you like her or not is fluff and immaterial to question at hand). If the children are supposed to be returned to your care at a specified time (say 6pm), Dad should ensure that his sister is up and on the road in adequate time to return the kids to your care at the prescribed time.