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Default denying access?

So now my ex has decided he is going to move to the family cottage for the summer. This is all fine and dandy and the kids like to go up but he is refusing to drive back with them - he keeps saying, just pick them up when you come up (my mother's cottage is 20 minutes from theirs). Problem is, I don't want to go up this weekend. His solution is to get my SIL to drop them off but I have a lot of problems with that (she sleeps til noon everyday so I won't get them back til 10 at night, she interferes with my access arrangements, etc.) Plus he has the internet over the phone up there so it is hard to get ahold of him.
I am so tired of his nonsense i am going to start a court action (with or without my lawyer, who is on vacation and has this far been useless). My question is, is this considered denying access on his part (refusing to transport them back)? I have been told by my lawyer I cannot deny him access, and the kids want to go, so I am letting them go, but he shouldn't be going and saying he isn't coming back.