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Originally Posted by jaysneed View Post
So whats your best advice for someone who's argument is that the only money spent on the child which is including daycare, piano lessons, food, shelter, and clothing for the month is what you provide. What money does she contribute towards my child.
I am not talking based on feelings, I am talking about cold hard evidence. I am to ignore that because once it is her hands it is her money. That is the best advice I get?

I highly doubt that you are the only one supporting her and the children with monthly CS payments.
She has expenses, food, shelter, bills, mortgage, gas, insurance, etc just like you do and Im sure CS doesn't cover all the above.
You might not be able to see those expenses as you are focused on her and her spending.
Does she work? Is she maybe saving alittle for the children's education?
Don't you want her to have some money set aside?

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