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First of all, i wanna say it's absolutly NOT mud slinging if it's a fact and you can back it up with fact. I would never say that to my child, that's not right, i'm not vindictive. My child HAS parents a mother and a father that have loved her through everything. First steps, first words, first fights, first sleep overs, first nightmares, first hockey pratice, first everything. This situation with the biological parent has become confusing and hurtful to my child. She doesn't want to know her real father, she has one. You can't just bust into a childs life and say "Hi, I'm your dad." You need to EARN that title it's not something you just have. The courts don't seem to care because biology is everything. It shouldn't be. If you abandon your children and never ever call or give them a second thought ever in your life except when your new girlfriend thinks perhaps you should get in touch with your kids, you don't deserve it. We never moved, he knew where we were nothing changed. So it's not like he couldn't find us. We have a family. This isn't right.