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Just about in ever jurisdiction the courts use the best interest test to determine incidents of custody and access of a child.

Custody and access is the child's right not the parent's. People seem to presume that it is a parental right.

Courts will often accommodate an absent parent into the child's life due mainly because it is the child's right to have a meaningful relationship with same.

It is better to have a mediocre parent than no parent at all.

There is no law that compels a parent to be a parent to a child.

A custodial parent has no right whatsoever to determine the extent of the relationship between the child and the other parent. Many attempt to sway the courts opinion by citing bad character, criminal, drug dealer etc. This is mudslinging. It only questions ones own character and motives especially if the allegations are unfounded. This strategy often fails.

If the child is in harm emotionally or physically then yes the child should be protected and no access should occur.