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Default I really wanna know

Why the laws aren't on a case by case basis. They don't seem to take into account the past or anything. You can be a drug dealer and and inattentive mother/father, and if you look better in court and have a better lawyer you get your kids, no matter what you're character is like. It's not right. Kids should get more of a say, you should have psycological testing, more than just the cut and dry, what is supposed to be fairness. It's not. Kids know what they want, they know who's been there and who hasn't. If you haven't seen your children, or even wanted to see your children for 10 years (of your OWN doing) and then suddenly you, for whatever reason, do, the courts will grat you that right. You give up on your kids you have NO rights to them what so ever. The legal system needs a good looking over. Lawyers need to start caring about the children, not the almighty dollar.