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I'm sorry all of the good dads were subject to that article. it was a piece of spewed garbage.

I'm not sure if I support the bill yet. I am more worried about what sorts of "proof" would be needed to change the situation from equal parenting to something different.

Most of you know I came from an abusive relationship. I choose not to call the police, so my "proof" can only come from my sworn affidavit and from what I told the women's shelter and counsellors. Is that enough to change the automatic shared parenting, shared custody? How exactly do you quantify what is enough?

I think if this goes through there will be A LOT more unnecessary court time with parents fighting to get something different. While it could be a very good thing for many families, there are others who should not have shared parenting (abuse and PA situations) that are going to be forced to prove something that really is common sense.

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