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HammerDad will become famous soon enough

Did anyone read this comment:

THere are few involved fathers compared to mothers.The only thing most of the dad are loking for is the reduction in child support.If give a choice between seing their children with child suoport and not seeing them with no child support majority will pick not to pay and not to see .
Its natural that mothers have more emotions and are more responsible when it comes to their children

I rarely hope violence on anyone, but I really hope this lady gets a kick in the head someday.

All men want is a reduction in child support? FU!!! I want to be a material part and influence on my daughters life. Right now, due to not having any substantial time with my daughter, I cannot. I would happily continue to pay full support even if I did have 50/50. It is about my relationship, not money. And for her comment that most dads would choose not to pay support and not see their child if given the option is complete BS. The vast majority of men are involved in their childs life and pay their support. It is only a small percentage of deadbeats that give the rest of us that do what we are supposed to do that give us a bad name.

As for having more emotions and generally being more capable parents, but I thought we are all equals.....oh, right...we are only equals when it benefits you, not when its the other way around....hypocrit.
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