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Originally Posted by dadtotheend View Post
Blah blah blah...Holy tender years doctrine.

And there are some things that Dads do better than Moms, like throwing a baseball.

OK, set up the law to provide for mandatory 50/50 access when the child turns one. And when the child gets to age 7, keep him/her with Dad for a year in order to round them into sports shape...because Mom throws like a girl.

Did those researchers also find that some mothers' motivation in breastfeeding well past a year old was not to bond with their children, but to increase the amount of child support they received? Nice character attack thrown in there to cement your argument Tasha.
Yeah, exactly, she's all for the breast to the bottle campaign, when there are thousands of baby's that don't breast feed at all, or mom pumps, today more than ever, as mom is a as busy with career as dad.

Then there is the status quo argument, now that baby has been with mom over that last year, so we can't change routine now! Ahh, the crap reasons are still the same. Oh, and they still have to through in that "dads don't want to pay CS". What about all the moms that don't want to give up all that CS? That goes both ways, or so you would think?
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