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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
If you have a situation with one breadwinner out of the house working and one caregiver who is stay-at-home, then there will be a bias toward giving more custody to the stay-at-home. Essentially this is tracing status quo back to when the marriage was intact. The argument is that the childrens' lives are less disrupted, the working parent has less experience with childcare and has probably been less involved all along.

If that's not true, then the working parent has to show it. The judge wasn't there in the home with them 24/7 and has to go by what seems likely.

The situation right now seems to be, shared parenting where all else was equal, ie both parents were working out of the home. Where one parent was stay-at-home, then from what articles and statistics I've seen, the custody will end up mainly with the stay-at-home.
Interesting... Is that the truth behind the statistics we see with mothers receiving the majority of custody awards? The large percentage of them are stay-home moms? If you factor that out, are the outcomes more in favor of shared parenting? Can you point me out a resources you've seen that suggest that... I'd be really interested in seeing those numbers..
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