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Originally Posted by logicalvelocity View Post
Why is the cause restricted to federal level. Why not petition on the provincial levels ... considering provincial or territorial statutes.
The Divorce Act is a federal legislation. Thus the reason for us to write to your local Federal MP to indicate the importance of supporting this bill. However, the provinces will implement the laws through the courts so for sustainable reform, the provinces need to be on board as well... So contacting your local MPP may also be a worthwhile effort.

The online petition is just one of many ways to try to get attention to the Bill. Writing to your MP is also an approach too that should be done as well. What we really need is to start preaching to the non-converted. Starting with your friends and family is a good start. However, my experience so far in getting my friends involve have been abit disappointing so far. I've only email a few friends (to test the water) and it took abit of nagging to get them to even just sign the online petition. What I will be doing is printing out a letter template asking their local MP to support Bill C-422. Then I'll go around and get my friends/family to sign them and I'll mail them on their behalf. Otherwise, most of them likely will just put it off for a more convenient time and then they'll end up forgetting all together.

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