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Wow, guess I got lucky, had to read into a few posts before I got some ass kicking! I remember that day.... I was so mad and angry for the reasons this person didn`t know my story and he had the balls.... but a few posts later, became quite the forum buddies..

"That's not fair" There's nothing unfair about it, If he has shared custody and is caring and supporting her 50% of the time, that takes a huge load off of you for transportation, utilities, babysitters on your nights out (don't tell me if you had her 100% that you would have no life), groceries, clothing, laundry, you name it.

You would pay the same rent, presumably, as you would if you had her over 60%. So would he.

You are worried about how it affects you financially, but keep talking about how little time he spends with her. You may not mean it that way, but you come across as claiming it is about the child, when it is actually about cash.

He may not have a strong relationship right now, he may be an emotionally distant person, but that will never change if he doesn't get the chance. It's not up to you to "allow" that to happen. You should present to the court what you have to offer her as a parent and then let someone objective decide if he deserves more time.

You don't have an objective opinion, none of us do. Just make a positive case for the relationship you have with your child and let him make his own case.