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Default 1st time posters read this 1st

I think it`s time for a disclaimer. It seems that new posters are feeling like they are being judged etc for trying to express what their situation is and are taking too much offense to some of the replies.
Trust me, everyone who started off on here got the same slap but honestly Im so glad for the slaps because it made me more determined to see all sides of the story and not just my own.
So, some of the older posters- how about you cut and paste alittle of your 1st post and some comments you received.
It`s those really wanting to seek help and support and can stick it out thru alittle bit of back lashing etc that will find this site extremely useful!
For those that can`t, All I have to say is GOOD LUCK with the ex, lawyers, courts, judges and everything else that is going to be thrown at you!!!! We are strangers here so if you can`t take alittle harshness here, good luck out there!