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This somewhat saddens me that this particular thread, regarding Bill C-422, has received little attention here online. This Bill represent a potential for great change and bring restore the concept of "equality" in the eyes of the law.

It's depressing to here stories about good parents wanting to be part of their children's lives but are finding no justice in a system that is suppose to treat them equally. What's even more depressing to see the lack of support from many of these dads to work towards making change in our democratic system. If you don't like the rules that you've been force to play with, than work towards changing the rules...

Support Bill C-422 by writing to your MP and encouraging your friends/family to do the same.

BTW: Spend the 5 minutes and sign the online petition for Bill C-422. It is just a small step in a long trip but these small steps may turn into something large.


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