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I am a true and loyal supporter of mediation first, court second. However, I do need to bring to the attention of all members of this forum, that everyone should know their rights before entering into mediation. There is a wealth of information on the web and in justice cases to warn against mediation if there is or continues to be a power imbalance in the relationship. Any current or past substantiated evidence of emotional, physical, sexual or financial abuse, is a clear indicator that mediation could in fact be harmful. Nothing is more devastating than to be placed in the room with your current or former abuser and expected to be able to negotiate in good faith. There are some wonderful alternatives though - shuttle mediation where the trained mediator goes from partner to partner in separate rooms, parenting coordinators who can assist in establishing parenting plans, legal advise pror to mediation, and finally ensure that you have a trained family mediator who understands the dynamics of abuse. I speak from experience!
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