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Separation and Divorce Education has been a long time coming to this Province! I am a true supporter that all separating and divorcing couples should be mandated to attend education courses on how to emotionally, financially and mentally manuver through this process. The education process needs to cover a component on how separation and divorce effects children!! There needs to be an essential focus on parenting after separation and what the Rights of the Child should be!!
Once the education process is completed, it should also be mandated that separating couples attend mediation to attempt to settle matters and only if and when these steps are completed, are they allowed to file in court.
At least they will have the basics of the system down as well as what would be expected of them in family court.
My biggest pet peeve is people who run to court without the slightest knowlege of what their rights and the rights of others are...the ones who suffer in separation are the children!! As an adult child of hostile divorcing parents, and after spending 10 years of my childhood in court houses listening to my parents bickering and fighting...and then years through parental alienation...I can attest to the damage that the anger and hostility and self absorbed parental conflict can do to a child and to the dynamic of future relationships of that child.
Its time for changes and time to force those changes!!
Sorry for the rant!!!! Seemed like a good time to get it off my chest!! lol
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