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Originally Posted by logicalvelocity View Post
In hindsight - you may want to advise the other parent by letter that you wish to be named on the pending child's birth certificate (long form) as a parent as well.
Yes!! This is important! (my ex kept 'making mistakes' in filling out the paperwork to get this done after the fact).

This letter may help you later in court, but legally there is nothing to compel her to name you as father on the birth certificate, even if there is no doubt about parentage.

And also, think about whether it is important to you that your child carry your last name. If you can be present in hospital when she is filling out the birth registration you might be able to make this happen. If parents cannot agree on the name, then the Ont Vital Statistics Act says it should be hyphenated, in alpha order. If you cannot get this done at birth, then at the very least, indicate (in writing) that this is your desire so that she cannot claim that you consent otherwise.

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