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If you want to be a father to that child, then there is nothing that she can do about it...

Right now the onus is on you to get ready for baby... if this is your first child, you should consider enrolling in some parenting classes (Judges like to see a tangible effort on your part).

Make a few necessary purchases so that you have everything you will need for baby's arrival. Keep the receipts to show the Judge.... it proves that you were making an effort for baby!

And sit down and try to develop your 'parenting plan'. DO you have people near you that can help supoort you with the baby.... appropriate accomodations, CSA approved carseat etc. Talk to as many people as you can and get suggestions on what shared parenting could look like with an infant.

Once you have everything like that in place (time is of the essence).... go and meet with a few Lawyers until you find one that you like. As soon as the child is born, file a petition for joint custody/shared parenting. Do NOT delay.... even a short delay can appear as you have given your implied consent for her to have custody.... once that damage is done, it is difficult to undo.

You are going to have your hands full just because the child is an infant, and if she breastfeeds, you will get only sporadic, short duration access.
Sure, she could use a breast pump so that you could spend more than 2 hours with baby.... but she wont, and the courts will NOT force her to do it.

That being said, time passes quickly and before you know it, your precious little baby, is a tumbling little toddler, who can spend more and more time with Daddy!!!
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