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Default Unwed Fathers Rights?

Hello, everybody.
I'm glad I found this forum, very interesting.
WEll, here's my sob story:

Myself and a woman were involved for approximately a year, seemed to be going well.
Then, we found she was pregnant.
What a shock.

I offered to marry her, and was intent on providing for the child and us.
She asked me to move in, which I did.
Then' after approximately ONE month, she asked me to leave, citing that she did not think the relationship would work.
I have tried to convince her otherwise, which has only exacerbated the situation. Hurtful things were said by both parties.

Anyways, she has cut off almost all contact, and refuses to even contemplate joint or shared custody. The baby is due in July.

I would really like to be an active and involved father, but I am not sure that I would get a chance. I do not have any drug/ alcohol/ violence issues, and have been in a trade, with a steady job for years.
Do I have any hope, or am I screwed?
All I wanted was to be a good Dad, but am so freaking scared right now....
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