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AND STOP THINKING ABOUT HER!!!!! IT"S NOT ABOUT HER ANYMORE!! Grow a backbone, stand up to her regarding the children. FIGHT for what you believe in and in the whole process do and keep thinking about your actions. Don't add fuel to her fire.
Think about all the fun stuff you want to do with the children. Look spring is coming around the corner and the weather is getting nicer.
If your scared of being alone, don't worry I think we all think that way but you need to get strong and you need time to heal. Go out with friends, do things that you enjoy. Go for a walk, exercise, listen to loud music, whatever just to give yourself a break.
Im only 34, have a wonderful daughter and a bright future with her, I couldn't have asked for anything more. No man or relationship is worth the price of my little girl!
I would rather walk down the street holding her little hand and a big smile on my face then to walk and hold hands with a man who doesn't love me anymore...
sorry for the tears...