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I agree with Mess. Go talk to your doctor asap. I finally broke down and asked her to refer me to a psychologist and was the best decision I have ever made!!!!!! Seriously. You are in the worst stage right now and things will go up and down. I won't lie but you will in time get stronger and just keep saying
"THIS IS FOR MY CHILDREN!!!" Suicide is just the most SELFISH thing you could do. THINK ABOUT your children, they need you in their lives, to fight for them, really if you go, is it ok for them to just have a half ass mother as you described her.
Don't worry about her, her feelings, how she will react. ITS NOT ABOUT HER ANYMORE and the only way to get help is if you ask for it!
There is light at the end of the tunnel, money is money but you want and need to be mentally fit inorder to do what's best for the children.