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Decent Dad - I can understand how it must be frustrating to have to pay out hard earned money but I really saw the system as trying to equalize the incomes of both parties so that the children can live a similar lifestyle with each parent. It is about the children's lifestyles, in other words, the houses they live in, including utilities, ect...not just money for clothes and food. What would a Mom do, for example, if she were earning 30,000$/year and the Dad is earning 100,000$? I know that the woman's income goes up and the Dad's therefore goes down but if it didn't, the kids would live with Mom in a tiny apartment, with little in the ways of "extras", while when they were with Dad, he would be in a nice big old house and anytime the kids needed the "extras", he could provide them no problem. Instead of simple stating that the system is unfair, tell us what you think would be fair? Take my example situation. Obviously we can't base it on both parents earning about the same income....and by the way, I totally do not understand women who take the kids and then don't let the dad see them (unless he is unstable or violent/abusive, of course). This is very cruel to the children and no matter what problems I had with an ex, I could never imagine doing that to them.