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I am again looking for the report " For the Sake of the Children" spearheaded by Senator Anne Cools. Following along 1997 guidlines acceptance tables. A follow up committee was then formed once again to deal with access and parenting issues. It began in 1998 I believe, and took years and reccomended to parliament to implement presumed joint and shared custody with onus on the parent seeking sole custody to demonstrate the other parent unfit to parent. From memory, the Liberal Justice minister at the time dismissed it around 2001 or so. Don't need to mention the cabinet minister's name.

Dear friends,

Welcome to my web site. I hope that you will find it site interesting and helpful to you in your endeavors.

As a Senator from Toronto, I have been keenly engaged in questions such as financial accountability, ministerial responsibility to Parliament, constitutionalism, parliamentary supremacy, and the proper relationship between the cabinet, Parliament and the courts. I have also been very involved in family law particularly marriage and divorce.

I am deeply committed to the motion that after the divorce of parents, the children have a need and an entitlement to meaningful involvement with both parents, both mothers and fathers. I am also convinced of the importance of fathers in their children's lives. I am aware that fatherlessness is a major social problem. I am concerned that ill conceived public policy is dispossessing children of their fathers.

I have introduced many bills in the Senate, most recently Bill S-10 An Act to remove certain doubts regarding the meaning of marriage. This Bill upholds the meaning of marriage as a voluntary union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others.

I am currently a member of The Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs.


Anne C. Cools
Hon. Anne C. Cools, Senator