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Not giving an SIN wouldn't be any indication of "illegal activities" if you mean he's dealing drugs or something similar. Why would it be?

His name is on the mortage and deed. When the child was born the mother had to indicate the father's name on hospital records.

At most, he probably owes some back taxes and when he worked for 5 months it was likely under the table. This qualifies as "illegal" and I'm not defending such behaviour, but it's not something that puts the mother or the child at risk.

The daughter works, she must leave the house, and she has her own means of support. The father is seemingly then providing child care during the day. You don't indicate that the care has been poor or that the child has been in any danger.

On the outside at least, this is just reversal of gender roles. If this was your son, working and supporting the family, and his wife, staying home with the child and not wanting the husband to go out on his own nights, would you find this at all unusual, much less abusive?

Now, I'm not saying this is a great guy or that your daughter is happy. But you want bring up issues of abuse, and the situation you describe is just the same as 99% of working fathers/stay at home mums experience. This is the defense that your son-in-law will use if anything is brought up against him or if she tries to take the child away.

Unless you can show that the child has been mistreated or not properly cared for, he has as good a reason to ask for sole custody as any stay-at-home mother. Whether he gets it depends on whether the judge has gender prejudice or not, or whether you can show that he is being actively abusive, not just needy and emotionally dependant.
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