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Anyone care to comment about the link that shows that a spouse that has NO access ends up fairing off better than having some access?

One thing I do know, after all is said and done, even with 50/50 access, in my case at least, my level of income per month drops and my spouses increases?

Scenario: Lets say you have 50/50 access. Your child support payments for 3 kiddies comes upto roughtly lets say 1000 to your spouse. If spouse had them for fulltime you would end up paying 1500. What I don't get is that the diffence between having them and not having them amounts to only a diffence of 500. When it clearly shows that 50% access requires 1000 to begin? Meaning one spouse is really disadvantaged when they have them to try and care for them? These are just rought numbers.

Please someone, explain given 50/50, then how is it that one parent ends up in a position of financial despair or inequality?

Laws say ... both parents are important to a childs development and such, however like robin hood ... they take from one to give to the other. This definately can potentially cause alienation down the road.


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