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Stepmom, i have been in your husbands situation for years .... solely responsible for transporting the kids to the Ex (who lived about 2.5 hours away), even though i had legal custody and the kids lived with me. Why, because i had been doing the transportation for years, and she claimed she could did not have a car and could not drive because of illness, etc. So, it would be difficult to change the status quo.

but I like the first option -- you picking up the children from their Mom, and she driving the other way for the return trip. i would also urge you to include a clause to cover occassions where she simply refuses/is unable to pick up the children from your house (and believe me -- it does happen). A clause that asks for reimbursement of transportation for that single occassion would be appropriate. such a clause could be mutually binding so that she can also claim reimbursement if you guys cannot pick up the kids for any reason. of couse, you have to determine the method of reimbursement to avoid tussles.

I do not particularly like the mid-way point (option B). it is particularly impractical if you don't know anyone around such midway point. I was once stuck in Coburg for hours because of a traffic/snow.

alternatively, the third option could be that your husband is reponsible for total transportation, provided the ex is able to reimburse the expenses ... which should be reviewed twice year (given fluctuations in gas prices).

HTH -- Punda