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Thanks for the response..
No there has been no charges.. and the police have seemed to be very interested in my side of the story when they do call. The last officer informed me that he told my ex that maybe she would "reply to the text messages sooner" in order to avoid conflict.. DUH!!!

She is only 6 so a cell phone won't work.. I will get her that as soon as she is old enough.. they will probably just take it from her.. but we will see.

I will be keeping note of everything she says or does. Her last text message informed me that I was only allowed to call my daughter once a week because I needed to "respect her time with her" and that's all I called in the summer time. In the summer I had my daughter every other week.. Fridays to Friday 6 days seeing her.. 6 days not which in the 6 days of not I would call once. I am now going 11 days not seeing her and when I do see her it's for 2 days. I am only asking to call two or three times a week (four or six out of the eleven days) and I have "unlimited telephone access up to 7:30pm" on the court order. And she didn't respect my time with my daughter when she decided to move an hour away and cut my access from between 40 and 50% of the time to 4 days a month! So frustrating.. all I want to do is be in my kids life and just because she hates me.. My daughter doesn't and she misses me.

I will just have to wait and see what happens.. If she keeps trying to frustrate my contact I may have to take her back to court.. more money and crap!

As for the travel.. the Judge we ended up in front of didn't take any crap from my ex and was not impressed by her mentality when it came to my relationship with my daughter. I did allow the move.. but I was able to get half the summer one week every other week.. half the March Break and Christmas Break.. Every other Thanksgiving and Easter.. and if my daughter is not in school the day before my weekend or after my weekend I get to pick her up Thursday instead of Friday and/or keep her till Monday instead of Sunday. I have lost alot of time with her and the main contact in her life as I had when she lived here as for school and such but.. I will just try my best. I agreed to do the travel.. (my lawyer scared me into agreeing.. but if I had of fought it I would have won it with the Judge we ended up going in front of.. but you don't know that at the time!) But in return she has to take $100 off my child support payments.

Anyways.. now we wait and see what she tries to do next.. all I know is.. I am not giving up!