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As long as yout text messages are related to the child, non abusive, and not extremely excessive, I can't see you being charged with harassment. Doesn't even sound harrassing... sounds like a man being ignored.

Common sense tells me that your ex is really digging herself a hole with her behaviour... Judges can be biased when it comes to family law, but they aren't stupid.

She is NOT acting in the best interests of the child.

You must try to keep a cool head when dealing with her. The whole, he said/ she said stuff can incite a war, and make your Lawyers happy, but most of the time a Motions/Trial Judge wont read it and don't care.

What you do to her, what she does to you, means nothing. What the two of you do to your child, is all that matters, and clearly she is trying to alienate you, so be careful.

Keep a diary of EVERY attempt at contact that is ignored, EVERY time she restricts your access, EVERYTHING...... go and get yourself a digital voice recorder and record EVERY telephone conversation with her. It is completely legal, admissable, and may help you get what you need. Communicate through email, if you can, and keep a copy of every communication.

Even though you are only one half of this story.... you and your partner seem to be more than reasonable, willing to negotiate and completely child centered, which is ALL that matters.

Your ex can call the cops as many times as she wants, but clearly, all she is doing to trying to frustrate your access to your child, and this will eventually bite her in the ass... even the cops don't believe her, you haven't been charged with anything...?

Things that are written in an "Offer to Settle" cannot be held against you, same with details of a case conference, and if your lawyer told you that you had to allow the move because you had considered it in a offer to settle, he is wrong.... but what's done is done, I doubt you can force her to move back.

With regards to your other posts... sharing the travel is almost a guarantee, regardless of what "she" says.

Good Luck

Ohh and that crap about her new man screening your calls to your daughter.... that's gotta stop. Soooo not cool.

How old is the child??? Can you possibly afford to give your child a cell phone, pay as you go or something... so that you can call her/ she can call you... without their interference??? Just a thought