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I wouldn't be concerned about contacting legal aid. The amount of hours they cover is between your ex, her lawyer and them.

However, on the other side of the coin, legal aid will only cover a certain amount of hours depending on the issues.

The legal aid tariff billable hours can be found here at this link

Family Law Tariff

The tariff for general family law uses a system of time issue allotments based on the most seriously contested issue facing the client first, with subsequent authorizations to acknowledge other substantially contested issues.

At the outset, a certificate is generally issued for the basic time issue allotment (12 hours) and for the first pre-trial (4 hours), or for an opinion only, which is limited to 2 hours. The majority of cases receive additional time allotments to recognize other substantially contested issues if they cannot be resolved within the time authorization already granted. A second time issue allotment is available for the most seriously contested issue in
complicated cases. For example, in difficult custody cases, the basic allotment of 12 hours plus 15 hours (custody) may be extended, so that an additional 15 hours (custody) is available. This one time authorization is only available in the most complex cases. A double authorization is also available for restraining orders in a family law case even if there has been a double authorization for other issues (e.g.: child custody, access or support).

Example of a complicated family law case and time issue allotments:

In a seriously contested custody case involving allegations of spousal or child abuse, as the case progresses, the area director may authorize:

Opinion 2 hours
Balance - basic allotment 10 hours
Custody 15 hours
Second allotment (custody) 15 hours
Restraining order (2 x 4 hours) 8 hours
Total 50 hours (prior to first pre-trial)

In family law matters, the maximums include all services before the first pre-trial hearing
• Interviews;
• Correspondence (see Correspondence, page 4-1);
• Communications;
• Pleadings;
• Preparation of financial statements;
• Production;
• Affidavit of documents;
• Questioning
• Cross-examinations;
• Examinations for discovery;
• Negotiations;
• Motions;
• Waiting time;
• Case management meetings with a judge;
• Opinion letters;
• Reporting;
• Billing (with maximum of .2 hours).

In family law matters, authorization for the first and subsequent pretrial conferences, case conferences, settlement conferences or issues hearings is available from the area director.

Hang in there. Be calm and cool at all times. Document everything.
The legal process is far from perfect, just have patience. It will go a long way to resolve your issues.