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thank you all for your replies

I'll answer what i can now and post a full background in a separate thread later tonight when i have time.

It is a temp. order pending a CC in Feb... during mediation we agreed to Joint custody me to have access Mon Wed evenings and EOW unsupervised,
the access part of the agreement held up and is part of the temp. order

this was a win for me as all of my access with S3 up to this point, has been at moms house

The mediation process screens for power imbalances (half hour intake interview with each party), and would have stopped immediately if the mediator noticed any signs of duress.

The judge dismissed joint custody because both exs application and my response were filled with conflicting statements which I'm assuming she took as we cant communicate

I'm fighting for joint custody as CAS is involved with the ex. the very first lawyer i spoke with (who i did not retain) told me that if CAS were to apprehend S3 and ex has sole custody it might not be automatic that my son comes to me

i did say "temporary order on consent" that was my understanding of what was happening, in court i heard counsel refer to the mediators report as minutes of settlement, if we took that in front of a judge would that not be making an order on consent ? temporary because not all issues have been resolved

I'm hearing the appeal process is expensive... is there extra fees on top of paying my lawyer for a day in court ?
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