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Kid is upset that the magical family life that he knew is no longer.

This is a difficult time. Perhaps you can find it within yourself to talk to his father about problems son is going through? Yes you might have a lot of blow-back and resistance from the father but nevertheless I'd try to get him on-side with you. Once you do this then you and your ex could maybe conjure up a coordinated effort to get the two back together? You have to put kid's well-being before your hate/dislike for the father... suck it up a bit?

In all human psychology stuff I've read (yeah and even the odd parenting magazine) I've gathered that it is valuable to get someone to do something they don't want to do by somehow getting them to "buy into" the idea... let them think it was their idea. So you should try to think about how you could get the kid (or the father) to think they have the solution to resolve the current rift. This approach is usually much more successful than out-and-out intervention, particularly when dealing with two pig-headed individuals.

That's my 2 bits.
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