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Originally Posted by billiechic View Post
CAS has reviewed and will not be involved as the child was not involved in the incident.
If CAS doesn't have protection concerns, why would the court have protection concerns? He will surely point to the non-involvement of CAS as evidence that this isn't an emergency. Even if you get an ex parte order, it will have a rapid return date, and you need to explain why CAS is not involved.

Not saying you don't have a real concern, just giving my outsider look.

Child is 11. Has expressed over and over but only to me that she is scared of dad. I will have to discuss on a need to know basis with her tonight what is happening and feel out if she feels safe enough to go there until Wednesday. She has no means of contacting me for that time other than dad's cell phone

Perhaps it is time to provide her with a cellphone. Maybe grab a pay-as-you-go phone for this weekend?

She won't be totally out of contact until Wednesday. She will be in school come Monday which can provide telephone access in case things are really bad.

Her telling you that she is scared must be terrifying as a parent, but unless she approaches other adults, nothing is going to come of it. It is always possible that she is telling you what she thinks you want to hear. Kids do that sometimes. How can a court differentiate between reality and storytelling, especially when the only evidence is hearsay?
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