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Originally Posted by tunnelight View Post
is he in jail? Where are the children if he is in jail ? Did the Police notify Family and Children Services? What is Family and Children Services saying.. have they contacted you?

Only the courts can grant you restraining order , but you have to file a motion and win.
He has arranged to turn himself in tomorrow morning . He is also supposed to pick up the child after school tomorrow.
CAS has reviewed and will not be involved as the child was not involved in the incident.
It has been explained that he is to have no contact with me as part of his release conditions.
I believe this is enough to scare him into following the conditions. I have been told if I want any protection or changes to custody/access that I am to go to court.

Child is 11. Has expressed over and over but only to me that she is scared of dad. I will have to discuss on a need to know basis with her tonight what is happening and feel out if she feels safe enough to go there until Wednesday. She has no means of contacting me for that time other than dad's cell phone
I am waiting for officer to tell me if he will be released in time to pick up our child tomorrow.

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