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Default Parent Sending Allergens Home Intentionally

Hey it's been awhile, but I have a peculiar question. Since the separation we have been sending dirty clothes back after each access visit in a grocery bag to the receiving parent. This has been the routine for several years now.

My kids overheard my fiance mention that the detergent/fabric softener their mother uses gives her an allergic reaction. The next access visit my ex sent the kids back in the clothes they were previously sent home in. She had laundered them using the detergent / fabric softener that is an irritant.

We gave her the benefit of the doubt the first time it happened, but when it continued the next two access visits, we sent an email to her explaining the allergy, and asking that she stop laundering our clothing. Another visit and the same thing. We emailed again and she refuses to acknowledge our request.

We also believe it's causing one of the children to break out in rashes. We mentioned this to her in the email correspondences, and she dismissed it.

We figure the next step is to bring this up in court, but any suggestions / would be appreciated.
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