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Originally Posted by excel View Post
so i just got off the phone with a free lawyer supplied thru work and she tells me that it doesn't matter anyways because the CRA only started to recognize that both parents might be able to claim the eligible dependant starting last year ?

she says even if i was able to go to court and get the original agreement changed to say that we both paid each other rather than offset , i could not get it to be retro back to 2013 because the tax law didnt exist back then.

can this be true or did i basically get what i didnt pay for ?
I want to make sure I'm not way off base here, as you're talking about eligible dependant, and responses are going on about UCCB and CCTB...

Your main question is in regards to Line 305 of tax returns, yes?

If so, then keep reading. If not, I fail at reading comprehension and should be ignored...

When you were speaking to the lawyer, were you speaking of both of you claiming the same child for the eligible dependant? Did you make it clear that there are multiple children between you and your Ex? You're one hundred percent unable to both claim the same child as an eligible dependant. Multiple children are a different story however.

It sounds as though the lawyer you spoke to was referring to situations where there is only 1 child. Perhaps there are changes coming to those situations like she is saying, I'm not tracking it, and it really doesn't matter for your situation. As you have three children between you, it really shouldn't be an issue, so long as the wording for the offset child support is sorted out.

For my own situation, I have two children with my Ex. Since 2012 we have each claimed one of those kids as an eligible dependant for taxes. As I said before, I have had to dispute decisions by the CRA several times, when they tried denying me the ability to claim that credit. Exact wording of my Divorce Judgement is as follows:

The Plaintiff shall pay to the Defendant the sum of $1,028.00 per month for the support of the children of the marriage payable on the first day of each money, commencing August 1, 2013. The Defendant shall pay to the Plaintiff the sum of $1,029.00 per month for the support of the children of the marriage payable on the first day of each month, commencing August 1, 2013 for a net support payment from the Defendant to the Plaintiff of $1.00 per month.
When I've spoken to the CRA, they always get hung up on the last line of that, and that is where they try to argue it. I likely would have had less headaches from them if it didn't spell out what the net support payment amount was.


In your initial post, you stated:

Originally Posted by excel View Post
CRA says NO, since I pay , I get no CT credits and no EDC.

By CT, did you mean Child Tax Credits? I'm not an accountant nor expert on this stuff, but I'm pretty sure that one no longer exists.

If you were meaning programs like the former CCTB, UCCB or now CCB, then it shouldn't be an issue getting that. If your eligibility for that is being denied based on paying child support, that is rather surprising.

I didn't remember to apply for it until over a year from the point of separation, but they didn't make me jump through too many hoops to get it split up between me and my Ex. Letters from the school, doctor, daycare, saying I cared for the kids basically. They then went an gave me a backdated payment, I don't recall how far back they went, sorry. They also clawed back the 'overpayments' they had given to my Ex... That made for a few nasty phone calls from her to me.
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