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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
So you live with your grandfather and you are thinking about moving closer to the mother of the child?

The mother of the child has/is presenting things from her own perspective and you are citing case law. My guess is that this will be a long process with many delays.

What, specifically, is your "material change of circumstances" - not what you hope to do (move closer)?

This is what we call "cutting through the bullshit" I'm afraid - no offense but long, rambling documents are but merely a smokescreen.

I like to get to the point and I'm sure a judge hearing your case will think likewise.
Originally the order was I was seeing daughter every other weekend.. Then that changed the past year to I was seeing her as much as 60% of the time as outlined. My father and I live together and both enjoy our daughter.

Over the past year things have materially changed in that the original order is no longer relevant to anyway things have been the past year.
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