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Default Binding arbitration in agreement

Still no agreement in sight. Sigh.
Ex is playing the game of "I'm going to make you wait about 5 days for my response" after every negotiation email I send, meanwhile completely shooting himself in the foot by doing so as this is dragging on forever and preventing his increased access. Not the brightest bulb I guess. But he's sure showing me!! Wink wink.
My question now is: we are having trouble agreeing on what should happen if/when the kids sports costs increase. My daughter in particular has already been asked to advance in her sport and put in more of a commitment. The ex doesn't want to get locked into any additional fees beyond the "agreed upon", and though he's talking about supporting her future move to competitive sport monetarily (he's even said he'd pay half), I don't actually trust that this will happen when it's all signed and done. I have to agree with him that neither party can hold the other to paying for a sport they don't agree to; however, the mediator suggested maybe putting a binding arbitration clause in the event that we disagree on something that is a big opportunity for one of the kids that one parent is preventing by refusing to contribute towards. Ie. we agree to one hour of mediation on the issue, after which the mediator makes the decision and can award costs as well.

Can anyone see any downside of this? Does anyone else have a clause like this in their agreement to address future costs that aren't agreed upon at the moment?

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