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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
Tayken - you catch all that ?

take out" my daughter" and use our daughter.

You don't need to explain maximum contact principle and stuff to a judge. A judge presumably knows all that.

be careful with case law, if there are items that differ from your case then the judge could use those items to cite your case laws as irrelevant .

You need to have a clear material change. Child is grown older and has been able to enjoy increased access with you, which has unilaterally been reduced by the mother (refer to her as applicant or respondent) and is continuing to decrease that and plans to further decrease once school starts.

Is this your affidavit ? Do you have a trial or hearing coming up?

You realize a motion to change still has to go through the process, right ? First appearance, case conference, settlement conference, etc.
Thanks for the tips.. Motion to change hearing. There was been a case conference. There is a settlement conference in January but this will come before that. Everything was on hold for a year after the case conference as I had been asked to watch our daughter more then for several reasons things ended up back in court.. for example Ive been with a girl for over a year, which I kind of kept on the DL and then my ex found out.
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