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K)* Urgent Communications:* For anything of a truly time sensitive or urgent nature, the parties shall call or text and a response shall be provided as soon as the parent receives that communication.*

L) Responding to Communications:* The parties shall check for text or e-mails at least once a day.* The parties shall respond to written inquiries within 24 hours.* If a reply to a question and/or a request for a change requires more time than the agreed to response time, an email shall be sent advising that the requested information cannot reasonably be ascertained by then and advising when a response can be expected.

M)* Positive Communications: Written communications shall not be shown or read to the child.* All communications, written or otherwise, shall be cordial, brief, and child-focussed.* The parties shall refrain from making personal or negative comments about one another, or extended family members or partners.

N)** ** ** ** The child shall not be used to relay messages between the parents.*

O) ** ** ** The parents shall not communicate about issues or non-emergency arrangements when _________ is present or nearby.

P)** ** ** The parties shall not question _________ (or comment to the child) about the other parent’s personal life and activities.

Q) * ** Dealing with Third Parties:* Both parties shall be equally entitled to communicate with all educational, medical, dental, recreational and social service providers for the child.* Each party shall keep the other fully informed of any communications they have with such services providers, and the particulars of any new providers.* Both parties shall be entitled to attend all meetings with such providers.* Both parties shall execute consents or authorizations which any professionals or service providers may require, to facilitate equal communication and access to information by both parents.

R) ** ** ** ** Consultation:* The parties shall confer with one another in relation to non-emergency decisions in the child’s life.* However, after a reasonable opportunity for such discussion, and in the absence of any determination by a parenting co-ordinator or further resort to the courts, the Respondent shall have final decision-making authority in relation to all issues.

S)** ** * Extracurricular Activities:* _________ may not be registered in more than two regularly scheduled extracurricular activities per week, with each parent being entitled to select one, unless the parties otherwise agree in writing.* The parent selecting the activity shall be responsible to take _________ to the activity when he is with that parent.* When that activity arises during the other parent’s time, the other parent shall have the option of taking _________ to the activity, or allowing the parent who selected the activity to take him.* To maximize the benefit of the child’s participation in ongoing extracurricular activities, both parents should make their best efforts to ensure regular attendance.* If a parent has a non-recurring conflicting commitment for the child on their time with _________, they should provide at least 72 hours advance notice in writing of their alternate plans with the child.

T)** ** * Non-Encroachment on Time:* Apart from the aforementioned provisions regarding extracurricular activities, (and apart from the Respondent’s authority to arrange school, daycare, or medical commitments as _________’s custodial parent), neither parent shall make plans for the child when he is scheduled to be with the other parent, without first having the written consent of the other parent.* In addition, the parents shall canvas proposed and/or potential changes to the schedule first with the other parent and prior to mentioning anything to _________ about a change and/or a social activity.

U)* ** ** *No Make-up Time:* There shall be no make-up time for missed parenting time (regular or holiday time) unless both parents agree to this in advance and it is confirmed in writing.

V) ** Attendance at Events:* Each parent may attend any extracurricular activities open to the public, including sports practices, games, competitions, concerts, performances, recitals, etc.* The parents shall remain cordial during these occasions and not use them as an opportunity to discuss child-related arrangements and issues.* The parent who would normally have _________ at the time shall assume responsibility and control over the child. **The other parent may briefly greet or encourage the child, but shall otherwise observe from a reasonable distance.

W) Scheduling Changes:* If a change in the regular and/or holiday schedule is requested due to a special event, celebration or unforeseen circumstances (e.g. family celebration, work demand or emergency, etc.), a written request shall be provided to the other parent in order to permit that parent to make a reasonable effort to accommodate the request.* A response shall be provided within 48 hours of receiving the request.* The request and change shall be confirmed in writing.

X** ** ** ** ** Ongoing Medical Care:* As custodial parent, the Respondent shall arrange and decide medical issues for _________.* The Applicant shall be provided advance notice of all medical appointments or procedures as soon as they are arranged.* Both parties shall be permitted to attend all medical appointments and events.

Y) * ** ** Emergency Medical Care:* Each party shall have authority to arrange emergency medical treatment for _________, but in such event, the party arranging treatment shall make reasonable efforts to notify the other party immediately, to allow the other party to also attend at the emergency treatment facility as quickly as possible.

Z)* ** ** ** **Contact Names:* Both parents shall be listed as contact persons with all medical, educational, recreational and social agencies involved with _________.

1)** **** ** ** Clothing:* To minimize what _________ must travel with, both parents shall have sufficient clothing for him and these items shall not travel back and forth.** However, outer wear such as winter coats and boots shall travel back and forth between households.

2) ** ** ** **Child’s Name:* Neither party shall change the child’s name – either formally or informally – without the written consent of the other party or further court order.*

3) Passport: The passport shall remain in the possession of the Respondent, subject to being released to the Applicant for such travel as may be agreed upon or authorized herein.* Neither party shall obtain any other passport for the child, and neither party shall name the child under their own (or any other person’s) passport.

4) ** ** ** Travel:* Neither party shall be permitted to remove the child from Canada without the written consent of the other party or further court order.* Subject to agreement or court order, international travel involving the child shall not occur until the child is at least eight years old.* Thereafter, the party proposing international travel involving the child shall provide the other party with full particulars at least 60 days prior to the intended travel, including the exact itinerary, destinations, accommodations, and methods of communication.

5)** ** ** ** Local Travel: _________ may travel within Canada for vacation purposes with either parent, which travel will not require the consent of the other party.* However, the parents shall notify one another in advance, in writing, whenever _________ will be sleeping away from that party’s ordinary residence for more than two nights in a row.*

6) ** ** ** If either parent plans a vacation without _________, that parent will give the other parent a telephone number where he or she can be reached in case of emergency or if _________ wishes to contact the travelling parent.

7)** ** ** Emergency Contact Persons: Each parent shall designate a contact person of his or her choice should the other parent not be able to be contacted in case of emergency

8)** ** ** *Documents:* The parties shall provide one another with copies of all relevant child related documents such as the OHIP card, birth certificate, SIN documents, etc.* In even numbered years the Applicant shall retain physical possession of the original documents. In odd numbered years the Respondent shall retain physical possession of the original documents.** However, any party travelling out of Canada with the child (as provided for herein) shall be entitled to have the child’s original documents for the duration of the trip.
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