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But, do you understand the system of jurisprudence and how it works in Canada?

-About 1% as well as you do, but thats why I'm a humble person and enjoy these exchanges. I am learning every step of the way. Do I wish I had learned faster? Yes. And yes I did speak to a lawyer upfront but in reality the information was not as good as on this forum and my exes first lawyer, which she got a certificate for. That lawyer was horrible.

I know what a good lawyer is as I've been in a ton of legal situations in business, which doesn't translate well to family law. And yes good or great lawyers are concise and also see resolution IMO.

In everything I have done in my life I started as a novice.. now not saying I want to do this with my kids future, but I do enjoy learning and the experience. I do wish I knew some things early on as I wouldnt have settled for access agreement. That said, that was after 5 months of no access so I probably would have agreed to anything at that point to see my daughter. I had one motion go very well for me, and one go very bad. The bad one though it wasn't the right forum to seek what I was seeking. I don't plan to do law full time but even if I was fully represented I would want to learn as much as I can.

I had a case in federal court in the US.. and paid that lawyer 30k and the lawyer wasn't representing myself well at motion. One downside of lawyers is they tend to not want to assert themselves against judges who they frequently appear before.. but of course there are many benefits to lawyers.. Its just unfortunate that almost nobody can afford to go to trial with a lawyer in family court.

I enjoy you kicking the shit out of me with arguments because it forces me to learn and listen.

How is the best way to include jurisprudence in pleadings? Just site the case or provide it as an exhibit?
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