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Originally Posted by Doctor Martins View Post
There has been moves to pass 50/50 shared parenting, joint custody legally as the default.. and I think unless there is abuse, and as long as both parents want involvement this would be a way to reduce legal conflict.
Agreed, the onus should be on the parent who wants more than 50% to show why it is in the best interests of the child to do so. Note however, the legislation to this effect was completely shot down quite recently. Women's groups and lawyers were very much opposed, for obvious reasons.

Say there was no child support, and given the above 50/50 expenses just paid equally.. how much would this reduce conflict in court.
Currently, even at 50%, the lower income earner still gets some child support. Your proposal is that at 50%, the lower income earner would get no child support. Is it seriously your belief that this would reduce conflict?

The lower income earner in your situation is almost forced to fight for 61%.

I think its crazy to think an involved parent wouldn't pay for things for their child. I think it would be natural and if 50/50 wouldn't need to be forced.
So parents who can't get along when married will be able to get along naturally once they are divorced if only we got rid of child support?

FRO exists for a reason. Hint: It isn't because people pay money to their ex voluntarily.

Dump the child support argument for now. Offset support is unfair, for different reasons than what you have stated, but that's not the correct first step. First argue for a presumption of shared custody. That is reasonable and attainable. There are almost no reasonable arguments against presumption of shared custody. That is where we need to hammer. I bring it up with people all the time, letting them in on the "shocking secret" that shared custody is not a default in Canada.

Also, this should be in the politics subforum.
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