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Default No Child Support, 50/50 Automatic as Law?

Based on discussions on here I wanted to propose something and see how it plays out. So feel free to challenge the idea or agree. This is a hypothetical.

There has been moves to pass 50/50 shared parenting, joint custody legally as the default.. and I think unless there is abuse, and as long as both parents want involvement this would be a way to reduce legal conflict.

Another incentive I notice for conflict is child support. Now I am a man who pays child support, but my girlfriend pays child support as she had a high income compared to her ex. So this is something I have discussed with her and is not a "man issue". Say there was no child support, and given the above 50/50 expenses just paid equally.. how much would this reduce conflict in court.

As far as lifestyle children are used to, thats going to change as a result of a split in marriage and third going to lawyers. In fact there would be more net money within the family if no court conflict so the financial would likely be better for children. I think its crazy to think an involved parent wouldn't pay for things for their child. I think it would be natural and if 50/50 wouldn't need to be forced..

There seems to be a massive incentive to be the Sole custody parent and then try and get as much child support as possible. This results in an expensive mud slinging contest that destroys families and hurts children.

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