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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
I listed to the whole thing.

I'd have a hard time agreeing with this if I were male because it emphasizes that men predominantly think with their "other" brain.

I think I said 10% of women would get it. I say this because 90% of women would have no ethical issues taking money from another to live on. I am fairly sure a portion of your own income is from your ex correct?

40% of divorced men make less than their ex. However only 2% are receiving support. Its a gender thing.

I love Bill Murr.....after my ex cheated on me, beat me, verbally attacked me and took 50% of everything I worked for (including from years before I knew her) and 50% of everything I will work for into the future (Thats called slavery)....Bill became a form of therapy LOL. What I took from it is if women have no issues being a gold-digger....well treat them like a gold-digger. Thats MGTOW.
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