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Originally Posted by Soiled View Post
Perhaps not years ago, but you'll usually dig into her original posts and start quoting off that, so insert whatever the timeframe would be.
Yea .. happens all the time here. Quotes are very useful to support points. For instance, when someone says a parent only wants children on their time off, it's handy to show they wanted a complete 50/50 relationship with a support system. That's the only reason I brought it up this time. Apologies if it came off as a rant...not my intention.

After that it slowly became the usual slide towards you ranting about 50/50 and how she's the devil and denying that poor father everything.
Mm..devil? Denying everything? I didn't say that at all. I'm analyzing posts and pointing out a few inconsistencies..thats all. How much Bailey's was in your coffee this morning? Cheers.

This thread was finished with anything relevant to the original post stated within the first page or two. After that it slowly became the usual slide towards you ranting about 50/50 and how she's the devil and denying that poor father everything.
Bailey's and rum in your coffee perhaps? Soiled, you're making yourself look silly. I didn't even post until the 5th page, and I actually spoke about flexibility, the importance of realizing all parenting time equals out in the end, etc. Nothing about 50/50 until the last few pages. My first 3 posts didnt even mention 50/50. That's not why I stopped by. LMAO

If posters want to continue saying he never asked for an equal relationship and that she never denied it ... I see no reason with reposting "him asking" and "her denying". Sorry if that bothers some.

If you truly want my 'take' on this whole show, I just had a wedding myself. Guess how we figured out the date to have it on? We looked at a calendar, determined the kids schedules, and then figured out a date that we would like, that also has the kids with us. Its simple, and this entire thread is exactly why lawyers make so much money from this crowd.
Yes, you handled it in a normal fashion. I do the same with my ex. I think that's what dad was doing here also, he just wanted to ensure that Angie was okay with him having his kids "at all" before dates were even discussed.

For the record, I dont think Angie's a devil. I just think she's here to vilify her ex and to recruit others to join her in the bashfest. I dont hate her and I dont think she's a bad person. In fact her ex kind of sounds like mine in a way (haircuts, etc). I do believe she needs to relax a bit and not make everything a catatrophe.

I feel like she blows up everything her ex does in to something it's not.

Dad: "Could you please pack kidlets health card?"
Angie: "He demanded the health card in a violent manner and made me feel so uncomfortable. This is not good for the kids and I will be including this control dick move in my affidavit. But first, let me stop by the forums and have other people call him a dick too first.

You find my 50/50 stuff annoying ... I find the above stuff annoying.

BTW...before S&*T strolls along saying I dont care about my job, I have 2 sick kids today who are fast asleep so I took the day.

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