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Default CanadaBC Kelowna lawyer resigns after writing himself into client's will

Funny, ....but not funny. A fairly typical joke in law offices is to write yourself into a will, but this joker actually did it:

link: Kelowna lawyer resigns after writing himself into client's will - British Columbia - CBC News

Note to readers: if you are here, in an Ontario divorce forum, YES---You should be preparing a new will, and in all likelihood, new power of attorneys.

Also, please note the lawyer writing your will most likely isn't aware you are separated/divorced, pay and/or receive child support. If you pay or receive child support, consider using this clause in your will, to ensure that any bequests are not confused with ongoing cs:

"The provisions made for a child or children of mine under this Paragraph ** of this my Will are made, in part, for the purpose of satisfying any obligation my estate may have pursuant to a separation agreement [with my former spouse ____, court order, or otherwise] to pay support to a parent of or for the benefit of my children. Any payments made under this paragraph shall not be in addition to amounts otherwise payable by my estate pursuant to a separation agreement, court order, or otherwise, but shall be on account of those amounts that my estate is legally obligated to make."
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