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Originally Posted by Berner_Faith View Post
You can go to court to get an income imputed to her but her $60k a year is nothing compared to the $300k you are stating you are on your way to make.

She can have an income imputed to $60k a year but doesn't mean she has to work. You would still owe her offset which is still going to be a large amount. In reality neither of you have to work... she can be imputed at $60k and you at $300k... as long as you can pay based on the $300k then you can quit all you want. But why you would want to quit a $300k job to avoid paying your ex is beyond me... what you pay her is a drop in the bucket in what you take home

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To be clear I don't make $300k per year at my job, closer to $150. I will be coming up with other income streams to hit the $300k and it appears I need to do it inside a corporation and hire a good accountant, and work for cash where possible.

The fact that my income can double or close to double and I pay based on that is sick, when there is nothing to keep her from not actually working at all.
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